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Sunday October 22,  2017
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Though oil colour has been around for 600 years it can still be daunting. Luckily Winsor & Newton has been at it for long time too!

Demo artist, Amanda Sweet will help take the mystery out of painting with oils and the mediums and products available to artists. All 119 of Winsor & Newton's Artists’ Oil Colours have the highest level of pigmentation, a characteristic consistent with the broadest handling properties demanded by artists for excellent covering power and tinting strength.

Artists in attendance will learn rules to help them create paintings of long lasting permanence, such as fat over lean. We will discuss fundamentals of colour mixing, pigments, painting techniques, and introduce the family of Liquin mediums.

Each attendee will receive a sample pack of Artists’ Oil Colour materials.

Please call 425-643-1781 to register. Space is limited. 

Pet Portraits- A different approach

Pet Portraits - a different approach in Watercolor
with Molly Murrah
Saturday, October 14 – Free Demonstration


Molly Murrah has been teaching a different approach to watercolor portraits for a couple of years in which she renders subjects using a combination of transparent and opaque watercolor pigments. This technique is a perfect blend between painting in watercolor and painting in acrylic, without the drying issues and permanence of putting acrylics on paper. Molly will demonstrate a looser, freer style that lends itself to any subject, but pet portraits are especially fun!

She will explain how to transfer a reference image to your paper using one of several techniques. She’ll talk about whether a wet into wet underpainting is desired; how to crop for a good composition; how to finish your pet portraits with bright opaque colors if you want to get a little wild and crazy.

Join Molly for a very fun demo on October 14th!

Paint a Little. Free Watercolor Hands On Session.

Sunday, October 29 – Watercolor  Hands ON
Paint a Little with Cindy Valdez
Join Cindy for play time with watercolor.  She’ll show you some ideas for clouds and skies that will get your brushes loaded and the color flowing.
This is not a structured watercolor lesson, but a chance to experiment , play, and have a good time.

We'll supply the paints, paper, brushes and water, you just come and have some fun.

Supplies are limited, please call store to save your place. 425.643.1781

Free Demonstration. Primatek Watercolors.

Sunday, October 15 – Special Presentation: Daniel Smith Product
Primatek Watercolors
with Thom Wright
The Primatek line is a special collection of watercolors made from jewelry grade gemstones and minerals available exclusively from Daniel Smith.  DS developed this line from a genuine appreciation of natural materials and how artists of many cultures have used them for expression.

 Find out how they’re made and the properties that make these colors so delightful to work with.

Watercolor Mini Class. Cat and Pumpkins

Sunday, October 8 – Watercolor Mini Class $10 supply fee
Halloween Scene – cat and pumpkins
with Chihiro Yabe
During this class, Chihiro will take you step by step through your painting.   The result? A charming Autumn scene all your own.
Supplies provided.

Please call 425-643-1781 or email to register.

Free Demonstration. Abstract Portrait Shadow Play.

Saturday, October 7– Free Demonstration Mixed Media
Abstract Portrait Shadow Play
with Alicia Harvey
Alicia will share how she creates haunting images on black paper focusing on positive and negative shapes of shadows and highlights.

Working on a black surface instead of white or tan provides an instant dark value from which to build interesting contrast with lighter colors. Come see these striking effects for yourself!

Free Demonstration. Paper Marbling.

Sunday October 1 – Free Demonstration  
Paper Marbling with Jacquard Kits
11-12:30 (special time!)
Professional artist and Jacquard Creative Stategist, Alex Preston, will show you how to use this traditional technique to make your own patterned fabric, one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, greeting cards, fine art and more. Each design is as unique as a fingerprint!

Free Demonstration in Acrylics with Dianna Shyne

Sunday, September 10 – Free Demonstration Acrylics
with Dianna Shyne
Dianna shares how to create acrylic paintings that look fresh and fun with her SPLAT approach. 

Make art!  Working fast and free is FUN, as Dianna will show you.  

Whether you work in your studio, on your kitchen table, out in plein air, or inside a manila folder at work (OK-this last one's a stretch for painting) Dianna is motivated for you to paint!

On her website, Dianna admits to painting the many things that interest her. Splat! She paints! Splat! Come to the demo!

Free Demonstration Drawing / All Media Basic Lessons in Perspective with Dianna Shyne

Sunday, September 10 – Free Demonstration Drawing / All Media
Basic Lessons in Perspective
with Dianna Shyne
Whether you’re an artist just starting out, or someone more seasoned looking for a refresher, Dianna Shyne will help take the mystery out of getting basic perspective right in your drawings or sketches.

Free Demonstration. Sumi. All Fish Singing for Autumn with Yuming Zhu

Sunday, September 17 – Free Demonstration Sumi
 All Fish Singing for Autumn
with Yuming Zhu

 Autumn is the season of fishes coming back to home, celebrating  their adventures and bringing  harvest to life. It is a form of devotion, sacrificing, and celebration of life.  In this demo, Yuming will show Sumi style of  painting Gold fish, 
Koi  and different type of fishes. 

 A different Perspective and Composition will be demo'd to explain the philosophy of Sumi art and emphasis on expressing emotion.

About the Artist

Yuming Zhu is a very passionate and well-known artist in the Great Seattle area.  Sumi/Chinese Watercolor, Oil and Pastel are the mediums Yuming loves to express himself with. Yuming was interviewed by Art Business News magazine, refer to article “Simply Sumi-E: Capturing Nature with Sumi-e Master Yuming Zhu”. He participated in the “Five Thoughts of Asian Art” program that was offered through the Seattle Art Museum and KCTS Channel 9.
In 2015, he was the artist for Amazon Series “The Man In The High Castle”.

He continues teaching sumi painting and calligraphy at Bellevue College, art centers at the Greater Seattle area and nation-wide. Also he shows his artworks at galleries. To view his work: